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Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison Project Gallery



Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison’s artistic collaboration began late 1960s. Pioneers of the eco-art movement; their work often involves co-collaborators such as biologists, ecologists, urban planners, and local citizens to support biodiversity and community development around the world.

The Harrisons’ work explores the relationship between words and images through the use of maps, drawings, paintings, photomurals, and collages with a storytelling/performance component. Ecological concerns, survival, watershed restoration, urban renewal, agriculture, forestry, and other environmental issues remained the focal point of their work over the decades. Their visionary projects have led to governmental policy changes, as well as creating and expanding dialogue around previously unexplored issues, leading to practical implementations throughout the United States and Europe. The Harrisons have created many projects and large-scale installations over their 40-year collaboration.

This exhibition showcases 35 projects documented by the Harrisons and their assistants in project binders. Slides and transparencies have been digitized as reference sheets to help provide access to this collection. The binders also may also contain photographs, negatives, and contact sheets.

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Top image scanned from Lagoon Cycle; 2nd Lagoon, Box 5, Folder 6, Harrison papers (M1797). Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, Calif.