GATT Bibliographies and Research Guides

This section is under development. Scanned versions of the bibliographies and other research resources will be available soon.

The GATT Bibliography, published from 1947 until 1970, provides "a list of books, pamphlets, articles in periodicals, newspaper reports and editorials, and miscellaneous items including texts of lectures, which refer to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade."

  • GATT bibliography, 1947-1953 : the text of the GATT, selected GATT publications, a chronological list of references to the GATT
  • GATT Bibliography. Supplements. 1-9. 1954-1962.
  • GATT Bibliography. Tenth Supplement. August 1963 - December 1964.
  • GATT Bibliography. Eleventh Supplement. January - December 1965.
  • GATT Bibliography. Twelfth Supplement. January - December 1966.
  • GATT Bibliography. Thirteenth Supplement. January - December 1967.
  • GATT Bibliography. Fourteenth Supplement. January - December 1968.
  • GATT Bibliography. Fifteenth Supplement. January - December 1969.
  • GATT Bibliography. Sixteenth Supplement. January - December 1970.