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GATT Digital Library 1947 - 1994 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Notification : Addendum.
Notification : Addendum.
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General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (Organization) and Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade
English, French, and Spanish
July 21, 1992
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, July 21, 1992
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TBT/Notif.92.92/Add.1, TBT/Notif.92.170, TBT/Notif.92.171, TBT/Notif.92.172, TBT/Notif.92.173, TBT/Notif.92.174, TBT/Notif.92.175, TBT/Notif.92.176, TBT/Notif.92.177, TBT/Notif.92.178, TBT/Notif.92.179, TBT/Notif.92.180, TBT/Notif.92.181, TBT/Notif.92.182, TBT/Notif.92.183, TBT/Notif.92.184, TBT/Notif.92.185, TBT/Notif.92.186, TBT/Notif.92.187, TBT/Notif.92.188, TBT/Notif.92.189, Spec(92)25, GATT/1548, DS29/3, TBT/Notif.92.190, TBT/Notif.92.191, TBT/Notif.92.192, TBT/Notif.92.193, C/RM/G/26/Add.1, L/5640/Add.35/Rev.1, Administrative Memo 815, Spec(92)24, TBT/Notif.92.194, TBT/Notif.92.195, TBT/Notif.92.196, TBT/Notif.92.197, TBT/Notif.92.198, TBT/Notif.92.199, TBT/Notif.92.200, TBT/Notif.92.201, INT(92)26, TBT/Notif.92.202, TBT/Notif.92.203, TBT/Notif.92.204, TBT/Notif.92.205, TBT/Notif.92.206, GATT/AIR/UNNUMBERED, L/7048, GATT/AIR/3337, Spec(92)26, GATT/AIR/3338, L/7049, L/7050, L/7051, L/7052, TBT/W/159, TBT/Notif.92.92/Add.1, TBT/Notif.92.207, TBT/Notif.92.208, GATT/AIR/3339, GATT/AIR/3340, Vacancy Notice 303, L/7053, L/7054, L/7055, L/7056, L/7057, L/7058, L/7059, L/7060, L/7061, L/7062, L/7063, L/7064, L/7065, L/7066, L/7067, L/7068, Spec(92)9/Add.1, AIR/W/87, and L/7047
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