Advisory Board and Project Staff

GATT Digital Archive Advisory Board Mission

The GATT Digital Archive Advisory Board, comprised of prominent scholars, practitioners, and librarians in the fields of international economics, international politics and international law, will focus, most broadly, on the ensuring that the digital archive is useful for research. Specifically, Board members will advise project staff on the kinds of questions researchers might seek answers to in such a digital archive and what would be the most effective ways scholars might obtain answers to such questions. Additionally, the Board would provide input on further expansion of the collection to include ancillary material from WTO and related organizational and personal sources. Finally, the Board will on occasion be asked to consider targeted issues in the areas of: (1) search and extraction requirements; (2) web design; and (3) ideal presentation formats for source material.

GATT Digital Archive Advisory Board Members

  • Richard Blackhurst, Editor, World Trade Review; Adjunct Professor, International Economics, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva; Director, Economic Research Division, World Trade Organization 1985-1997.
  • Judith Goldstein, Professor of Political Science & Senior Fellow by courtesy, Institute for International Studies, Stanford University.
  • Marci Hoffman, International and Foreign Law Librarian, The University of California, Berkeley School of Law Library.
  • Miles Kahler, Rohr Professor of Pacific International Relations, University of California, San Diego.
  • Amelia Porges, Attorney, Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (SABW); former Senior Legal Officer and Counsellor for Legal Affairs with the GATT Secretariat; former Senior Counsel for Dispute Settlement at the USTR.
  • Beth Simmons, Professor of Government, Harvard University; Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University 2002-2003.
  • Andrew Stoler, Executive Director, Institute for International Business, Economics and Law, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia and Deputy Director-General, World Trade Organization, 1999-2002.

Project Staff

  • Anthony Angiletta, Project Archivist and Morrison Curator for the Social Sciences.
  • Cathy Aster, Project Preservation Advisor and Digital Services Group Project Manager.
  • Charles Eckman, Project Director and Principal Government Documents Librarian.
  • Judith Goldstein, Project Faculty Advisor and Professor of Political Science.
  • Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Project Metadata Advisor and Metadata Unit Coordinator.
  • David Noll, Project Website Development Lead.
  • Stuart Snydman, Project Technology Manager and Head of Production, Digital Service Group.
  • Paul Zarins, Project Evaluation Lead and Digital Collections Librarian.