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1. Buildings to be taken down for the bridge approach at 2nd St. between Bryant & Harrison on Stillman St
12th St. Dam, Looking West. June 23, 1919
13. SF Anchorage April 21, 1934
14th + Clay, looking east, City Hall in the distance
22nd + Grove St
22nd + Grove St. Key Systems Transit Co. Office Building
3. View from 5th & Perry Sts
30. Views of the Bay Bridge from Rincon Hill about Feb. 1936
Installing the rails, Oakland
Installing the rails, Oakland
[Panorama of downtown Oakland. 14th, San Pablo & Broadway]
[San Pablo Ave. & West Grand, formerly 22nd St.]
The underpass at 38th & San Pablo about middle of June 1936 showing the shewfly track on San Pablo Ave. looking West from a large pile of dirt from excavation
[Two city views]