Gardiner embossed stamp

Traveling with the Gardiner Transportation Collection

Photographs from 1869 through 1936, taken or collected by William Gardiner in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Included are rare and unique images of street cars, workers, bridges, tunnels, construction & roadwork, the 1906 earthquake, and a variety of street scenes. A handful of the photographs have appeared elsewhere, some in published form, but none in such great detail. Viewers are encouraged to zoom in and explore these vivid documents of the Bay Area a century ago. A full description of Gardiner's collection can be found here. His collection was once part of Stanford's Hopkins Transportation Library, and more is on the way.

This exhibit can be navigated in a number of ways. Selecting the facets displayed to your left under "Limit Your Search" will take you directly to images matching those criteria. The "Browse" tab above presents several thematic mini-galleries, and likewise the "Curated Features" tab (also accessible from the blocks below) highlights particular groups of images in a more involved fashion.