The Voortrekker Monument

The initial categories in this section, on ‘People and Events’, introduces the personalities involved in the creation of the Voortrekker Monument, and the associated celebrations and events culminating in its inauguration in 1949, as well as more recent events and visitors to the site. The next category, ‘Designs and Construction’, reveals different proposals for the form the Monument might take, with important drawings by the South African architect, Gerard Moerdyk, and photographs of the Monument under construction. ‘Monument and Site’ provides photographs of the completed Monument to introduce its setting and general appearance, and what the Monument would look like if you were able to visit it today. Further subsections show the interior of the Monument, sculptures on the exterior of the building, and views of the extensive grounds with their various buildings and artworks. The following category, ‘Representing the Monument’, offers the viewer an opportunity to consider images in diverse media made of the Monument before its completion in 1950, when it was being promoted by Afrikaner right-wing ideologists as the national monument, and to think about those in relation to post-1950 images. These subsequent images, many quite recent, are often critical and thought-provoking, providing some insight into changing attitudes in South Africa during and after apartheid. A final category compiles comparative images of other monuments, some of which may have been influential on the original designs.



Designs and Construction

Monument and Site

Representing the Monument