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Vietnam Friendship Village, 2004 116 items

The Vietnam Friendship Village is a residential facility located near Hanoi that provides medical care, physical therapy, education and vocational training to Vietnamese children and elders (both veterans and civilians) with a range of maladies presumed to be caused by the toxic herbicide Agent Orange used by the American military during the war. The Vietnam Friendship Village Project was initiated in 1988 by Vietnam War veteran George Mizo in collaboration with Vietnamese and French veterans who shared his desire for peace and reconciliation, and the facility first opened its doors in 1998. In the following years many people from around the world volunteered, and today an international committee with representatives from the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan works to finance and manage the Friendship Village. Their main partner in Vietnam is the Veterans Association of Vietnam. Invited by Village supporter and veteran Carl Stancil, Bob Fitch photographed the Village in October 2004 during the Project's International Committee meeting.

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