Helpful Search Tools and Tips

The text Search Box on this site implicitly AND's the terms and shows only results that have all the terms present. In addition, you may use basic Boolean operations such as AND, OR, and NOT, as well as parentheses to form more complex queries. Double quotes can be used to indicate contiguous keywords. Stemming is used in the search index to make the results more inclusive of alternative word forms.

For a more flexible relevance-based search (of wider scope), try using a Stanford site-specific google search. Google uses a more advanced set of algorithms to index the exhibit pages, the library stacks, and other pages of interest in the Stanford environment.

To dig deeper into the Feigenbaum Exhibit, try using the Feigenbaum Similarity Search. This search identifies a set of the most similar documents to the one you are looking at. Just paste the URL from a document on this site into the Similarity Search to find a list of the nearest matching documents in this collection.