About the Collection

"That which is written down endures, that which is remembered disappears."

Mula-Mustafa Sevki Baseskija, Ljetopis o Sarajevu (Chronicle of Sarajevo) 1746-1804

The Edward A. Feigenbaum Papers collection primarily concerns his work in artificial intelligence at Stanford University and includes administrative files, correspondence, project files, trip files, proposals, reports, reprints, Artificial Intelligence Lab memos, audio tapes, video tapes, and files on computer programs, including EPAM, DENDRAL, MOLGEN, MYCIN, the language IPL-V, and others. The collection includes papers documenting the histories of the main laboratories in which he did his collaborations: Heuristic Programming Project, Knowledge Systems Laboratory, and SUMEX-AIM. Also included are documents related to Dr. Feigenbaum's public service to the US Air Force (as Chief Scientist), the National Institutes of Health, the National Library of Medicine, the National Science Foundation, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The library made extensive audio recordings of Dr. Feigenbaum reviewing the collection, box by box, folder by folder, with the archivist. These remarkable recordings contain many document-specific notes, stories, and contextual information. They may be found at this link, including full text transcripts of the recordings.

In addition, there is an active companion website which contains supplementary documents, media, personal notes and links, as they become available. Of particular note is a page containing links to the text of a Feigenbaum-Brunner book (2002) on Japanese entrepreneurship and its problems (in English and Japanese versions).

A conventional finding aid to the collection is also available at the Online Archive of California.

Note: If you have any copyright or privacy concerns about any items in this collection, you may submit a take down request by email to the University Librarian’s office. See also the University's page on copyright complaints.