The Video widget allows you to embed videos from external web sites onto exhibit pages.

Remember that if your video has been deposited into the Stanford Digital Repository, then you can use the Exhibit Item Widgets to include these videos on your pages. The video widget described in this screencast is generally intended for non-SDR content.

Accessing the Video widget

To use the Video widget on a Home page, Feature page, or About page, navigate to your dashboard and select the page you wish to edit from the Curation sub-menu. You can also get to the same editing interface by clicking the red edit button at the top right corner of a Home page, Feature page, or About page. For more information, see Selecting and Formatting Widgets.

Click on the red plus sign to the left of the box to open up the widget menu, and choose the Video widget from the list of Standard Widgets. You should see the options in the image below.

Video Widget on the menu bar

Video widget and options

For this widget, there are two options. You can either drag a video onto the widget, or paste in the video’s URL. The drag and drop option is currently not available, so you will need to paste the URL into the box. The video should display in the edit window immediately. Be sure to click the Save changes button to save your work.

Example of video added to this page using the Video widget