Using Standard Widgets

A widget is a user-selected exhibit component that performs a particular function. Exhibit creators can add both standard widgets and exhibit item widgets. Widgets can be added to Home pages, Feature pages, and About pages.

Standard widgets are those that do not reference an item added to the exhibit via one of the methods described in the section Adding Items.


The Heading widget enables you to add headings to your page.


The Text widget enables you to add blocks of text, such as a paragraph. You can also use Markdown formatting as described on Selecting and Formatting Widgets, to add other elements using the Text widget, such as lower-level headings or ordered and numbered lists.


The List widget is available for when you want to present a bulleted list (i.e., an unordered list). If you need an ordered, or numbered, list, you can use Markdown formatting as described on Selecting and Formatting Widgets, using the Text widget.


The Quote widget is intended specifically for situations where you want to show a quotation and the quotation attribution. Enter these separately in the widget and they are styled appropriately for you.


The iFrame widget embeds iFrame-based embed code into pages. Common examples include a Google Map centered on a particular location, or an ESRI story map.


The video widget embeds a video from an external website within the exhibit page.

Embed + Text

The Embed + Text widget embeds an oEmbed-supported web resource and a text block to the left or right of it. Examples of oEmbed-supported resources include those from YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, and Slideshare.

Horizontal Rule

The Horizontal Rule widget inserts a horizontal line to separate parts of the exhibit page.

Uploaded Item Row

The Uploaded Item Row widget displays up to 1-5 items manually uploaded by the exhibit creator (not added from the SDR) in a horizontal row. Optionally, you can add a heading and/or text to be displayed adjacent to the items.