The Administration Dashboard

A brand new exhibit simply has a title and an empty home page. The good news is that you can start to build out and customize your exhibit pretty quickly and easily.

Generally speaking, there are four main activities the exhibit administrator (or team of administrators and curators) performs to build an exhibit:

  • Configure various settings to customize the appearance of the exhibit and the features that are available to exhibit visitors

  • Add items that are to be the focus of the exhibit

  • Create browse categories to provide exhibit visitors with easy ways to view selected themes or groupings of exhibit items

  • Create and populate Feature and About pages to add curatorial descriptions, narrative, and supplementary information -- the stuff that makes it an exhibit and not just a collection of items that can be searched and viewed

These activities all start from the exhibit's Administration Dashboard.

How to get to the Administration Dashboard

If you have been added to an exhibit as an administrator or a curator, you should see a Dashboard link in the user menu at the top of the exhibit site:

Select the Dashboard link to navigate to the exhibit's Administration Dashboard section. All exhibit building tasks are available from the Configuration and Curation links in the left sidebar while in the Administration section of the exhibit.

The default page of the exhibit Administration Dashboard

Dashboard page

The default dashboard page provides some general information about recent administrative activity in the exhibit. This is especially useful if you are working with others to build your exhibit because it gives you a snapshot of what others on the team might have been working on recently.

An analytics page for a published exhibit

Exhibit analytics

The Analytics menu item in the left sidebar of the administration dashboard also provides information about the activity in your exhibit, but in this case focuses on activity by exhibit visitors, including counts of visits to the most popular pages in your exhibit.

The left sidebar also provides links to all the other pages used to configure and build your exhibit. These pages are discussed in the other documentation pages of this exhibit.