The Pages widget highlights exhibit Feature pages and About pages. These are pages marked as published and listed under Curation > Feature Pages, and Curation > About Pages, accessible via the Administrative Dashboard.

Pages highlighted via the Pages widget will link directly to their corresponding pages.

Accessing the Pages widget

To use the Pages widget on a Home page, Feature page, or About page, navigate to your dashboard and select the page you wish to edit from the Curation sub-menu. You can also get to the same editing interface by clicking the red edit button at the top right corner of a Home page, Feature page, or About page. For more information, see Selecting and Formatting Widgets.

Once you are editing the page, click on a grey "+" to reveal a new undefined widget. Next, click on the red "+" to the left of the widget to open up the widget menu, then choose the Pages widget from the list of Exhibit Item Widgets. You should see the options in the image below.

Pages widget on the menu bar

Begin typing the name of the page and an autocomplete option will appear. If you wish for a thumbnail image to display adjacent to the page title, it must be added before you link to the page.

Please note that due to display limitations, we recommend you only add 3 pages maximum to a single widget if you want to guarantee that they display to exhibit visitors.

Editing the Pages widget

Be sure to click on the Save changes button to save your work.

Example of the Pages widget