Home Page

The Home page is automatically part of your new exhibit. You do not need to create it.

Editing your Home page

To edit your Home page, navigate to the Home page of your exhibit when you are logged in and click on the red Edit button at the top right of the page. You can also edit the Home page by selecting Feature pages from Curation sub-menu. You should see your home page listed at the top of this page with options to view or edit the page. You can not delete the Home page or change the name of the Home page, and there can be only one Home page.

Home page considerations

You may want to consider turning off the sidebar (facets) on the Home page, as this typically makes for a cleaner look. Since the Home page does not contain search results, facets on this page are less useful to visitors. We typically recommend that you uncheck this box to hide the facets on the Home page, although this certainly depends upon the nature of your content and prospective exhibit visitor need. See the information under Show sidebar on the Creating & Managing Pages page for instructions on removing the sidebar from your Home page. Please note that as long as you have basic search enabled, exhibit visitors can simply click on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of your exhibit to display all available search facets, and refine their search.