Feature Pages

Child pages

If you add a lot of Feature pages to your site, the list of Feature pages showing up under the main menu may become too unwieldy for exhibit visitors to navigate easily. You will also end up with a very long navigation list on the left of the Feature pages. To simplify navigation, you can hide some of these pages from the main menu by making them child pages. They will also display slightly differently in the navigation list on the left of the page, making the list easier to scan and read. The child page option is only available for Feature pages (and not for About pages).

On this page, you will see that pages like General, Appearance, and Managing Users are displayed in black text instead of the larger red text. These and other pages formatted this way are child pages. These pages also do not show up in the drop-down list from the Reference option on the Main Menu.

To make a page a child page, drag the box for the page slightly to the right. The video below shows how to do this.