Bulk Updates

Bulk updates provides an additional way for an exhibit curator to update many items in an exhibit at once, similar to Bulk actions:

  • Update item visibility
  • Adding one or more exhibit item tags
  • Removing one or more exhibit item tags

(Note that you can rename an exhibit item tag without using the Bulk actions or Bulk updates features. To rename all occurrences of an existing exhibit item tag, go to Curation > Tags and select the label of the tag you want to update. In the edit-in-place field, update the tag name and then select Save changes.)

In contrast to Bulk actions (where you update exhibit items using the exhibit UI), Bulk updates enables the curator to update exhibit items via a CSV file, generally using a spreadsheet application as an intermediary tool to indicate the desired updates. This approach can be especially useful if a curator wants to update a specific list of druids that can't easily be exposed as a single search result, or if the curator simply prefers a spreadsheet approach to updating item visibility or tags.

To perform a bulk update, follow these steps:

  • Go to Curation > Bulk updates
  • Read the instructions on the Overview tab to understand the Bulk update process
  • Follow the instructions on the Download CSV tab to select the fields to be included in the CSV file, and download the CSV file
  • Import the CSV file into a new spreadsheet, using an application such as Google Sheets or Excel
  • In the new spreadsheet, update the values for the updatable fields of the exhibit items you want to change
  • When you've finished making updates, save the spreadsheet
  • Download/export the updated spreadsheet to your computer as a .csv file
  • Use the Upload CSV tab to submit the updated file for processing