About Page


A unique feature of the About pages is that they are required to have at least one Contact listed. The contact is important to include so that those who visit your exhibit have someone they can get in touch with should they want more information about the exhibit or its contents.

To add one or more contacts, select About pages from the Curation sub-menu to access the page shown below. Note that clicking the red Edit button from the About page itself will not provide you access to this section on adding Contacts.

You will see a form where you can enter information about the contact and upload an image to use as an avatar. You should include a name, job title, and email at a minimum. Other fields including the photo are optional. Be sure to click Save changes when you are done to save your work.


Please remember to acknowledge staff who worked to make the exhibit possible. These are often hidden staff and hourlies who otherwise receive no public credit for their work: digitization, metadata and conservation staff, along with all associated hourlies and students. A list of staff with job titles is good; a nice narrative is a bonus! Examples: Tokyo Over Time, Images of Rome, Mario Paci.