Spotlight Community

The Spotlight community consists of service and collection managers, alongside software developers. At present, community participants include staff from various libraries and archives in the United States and Canada. Museum participants are also welcome! Many collaborators have Spotlight instances running at their respective institutions, or are interested in exploring this possibility.

To connect with the developer community and to ask questions about Spotlight, queries are fielded by the Blacklight community, as Spotlight is a plugin to Blacklight:

For those interested in service and collections issues for Spotlight, discussions occur:

  • Via email - please join the spotlight-community google group
  • Via slack - please join the code4lib slack workspace: go to this link and scroll down to the section on slack. Once a member - join the #spotlight-service channel.
  • During monthly or bi-monthly community calls. More information about the Spotlight community including the monthly call schedule is available on the Spotlight Community wiki.
  • Some community calls have demos which are recorded, and saved to the community call playlist on youtube.