Release Note Summaries

All features and fixes listed are for Stanford's instance of Spotlight, so they include local customizations alongside changes made to Spotlight core code for the community. The practice of strict semantic versioning ceased after July 2018, however summaries of all fixes and improvements are still maintained here and organized by date.

March - April 2021

New features or feature enhancements

  • Added a bulk actions feature for exhibit creators, which includes the ability to remove item tags, alongside the ability to manage item visibility and add item tags. Items are identified for bulk actions by performing a search in an exhibit.
  • Added a bulk updates feature for exhibit creators, which provides the ability to add and remove tags, and change item visibility. However, bulk updates uses a different mechanism from bulk actions, instead relying on the download, modification, and upload of a CSV file of items in an exhibit. Items are identified on the CSV by druid, and optionally by title as well.
  • Added the ability for exhibit administrators and curators to create optional browse groups for their exhibit(s). Browse groups is an optional feature that can be useful when an exhibit has a large number of browse categories that would be easier for an exhibit visitor to discover if they were grouped.
  • For the item row widget, changed label to “View larger” from “Show in ZPR viewer” (which was not intuitive for users).
  • Updated styling and increased image display size for the “View larger” option.
  • Added “View larger” option to the uploaded item widget.
  • Added a new exhibit role of “viewer,” enabling exhibit creators to share the exhibit for pre-publication review and collaboration with stakeholders who have an interest in, but will not be involved in the actual building of an exhibit.
  • Added the ability to bulk rename a tag.
  • Enhanced indexing status reporting.
  • Added two new documentation pages for exhibit creators: IIIF Introduction and IIIF in Spotlight FAQs.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem with masonry view, which was not displaying items in the expected mosaic-like visual pattern.
  • Fixed a problem where images were not saving for feature page tiles.
  • Fixed a problem that was occurring when using markdown to indicate a new line in the text widget was not recognized. It now works to use shift + enter to indicate a new line when using this widget.
  • When searching across all exhibits, the Stanford title and sub-title header is now maintained.
  • Fixed a problem where selection order was not being maintained for the number of items displayed per page in the dropdown for exhibit creator configuration.
  • For some item titles, additional punctuation such as a period was being included in the title display, and this has now been fixed/eliminated.
  • Fixed an issue where some IIIF items could not be added.
  • General Spotlight and Spotlight at Stanford project maintenance.

January - March 2020, Development work completed during Spotlight at Stanford work cycle

New features or feature enhancements

  • When an item in an Exhibit has an item record in SearchWorks, there is now a block on the left-hand side of the SW item record page indicating the item is featured in an Exhibit, with a direct link to the item in the Exhibit. If the item is in multiple Exhibits, they will all appear in the block, each with a link to the item in that Exhibit. Check out this example item record, where you will discover that the image is featured in four Spotlight at Stanford exhibits.
  • When viewing a collection record in SearchWorks, if any item in the collection is featured in an exhibit (and often there would be multiple items, of course), there is now a block on the left-hand side of the SW collection record page indicating that an item (or items) in the collection is featured in an Exhibit, with a direct link to the Exhibit. If there are item(s) in multiple Exhibits, they will all appear in the block, with a link to each Exhibit. Check out this example collection record, where you will discover that one or more images from the Stanford Historical Photograph Collection are featured in 23 Spotlight at Stanford exhibits.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Date range facet will now appear on any exhibit home page that displays the left-hand facet menu
  • If an exhibit creator has chosen to display the metadata facets on an exhibit home page - including the date range slider - the slider is now fully operational. This offers an easy visual for limiting the search of exhibit items by date range.
  • Hit highlighting now available for content with plain text OCR (but lacking OCR XML), aligning behavior in Exhibits with the behavior in the viewer outside of Exhibits (such as on PURL pages)
  • On the exhibit creator dashboard, all dates displayed for recent indexing and site building activity now display the year, in addition to the month and day which was there previously
  • Added the ability to change the size of the display window/viewer for item embeds (ie, the item embed widget), for items in the SDR that are featured on the Home, Curated features or About pages
  • For SDR items with geolocation metadata, the ability to view locations/bounding boxes in map view (previously not working), has been fixed, and also includes the ability to select a specific location in the drop-down menu
  • Streamlined the exhibit creator dashboard, only displaying available configuration options on the Dashboard > Configuration > Appearance panel
  • Fixed a bug where values were showing up in selected exhibit facets for some exhibits
  • Fixed strange behavior when editing non-English home pages in dual-language exhibits
  • Fixed cache issues affecting page navigation

Accessibility enhancements

  • A high priority goal of this work cycle was to conduct an accessibility review of Spotlight and Stanford's own Spotlight instance, to ensure accommodation for the use of adaptive technologies by the people who require their use when viewing and navigating Spotlight at Stanford exhibits. This work is important for both ethical and inclusive reasons. The timing of the work is also advantageous, as the Stanford Online Accessibility Program (SOAP) is now officially a part of Stanford UIT, and it is their responsibility to review Stanford websites for accessibility compliance. The accessibility improvements made by the team resulted in an 86% reduction in accessibility issues gathered by a reporting tool we used to scope this work.

Maintenance and sustainability

  • Updated Exhibits to the latest alpha release of Spotlight, which includes Blacklight 7 and Bootstrap 4

1.14 - 1.19 Summary (1.19 released 10 July 2018)

New features or feature enhancements

  • Added a new major feature, the ability for curators and exhibit administrators to create multi-lingual exhibits. The following languages are supported: Albanian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese - Brazilian, Spanish.
  • Made exhibit tags searchable
  • Added a configurable search box to browse categories
  • Added a link to the PURL beneath the SUL Embed viewer
  • Improved styling of the exhibit Analytics user interface
  • Updated the SUL Embed viewer to take the full width of the record view page
  • Added a border around document thumbnails in search results list view
  • Updated Embed + Text introductory text with examples of resources
  • Improved user experience by limiting max-width of iframe in Embed + Text widget
  • Now handling multiple date/time formats from the public object xml's published attribute

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where external IIIF records did not render a viewer
  • Fixed thumbnail indexing for virtual objects
  • Fixed issue with slideshow thumbnails not taking up entire available area
  • Fixed an issue which was causing results to not be returned for some fielded searches
  • Fixed a problem with gallery metadata display
  • Fixed an issue that was causing list view titles to overlap image thumbnails
  • Fixed bug that was causing browse categories to display the wrong item count
  • Fixed bug that caused feature pages using the search results widget to throw an errorFixed issue that was causing stretched images to appear in the in Item Row widget

1.11 - 1.13 Summary (1.13 released 19 December 2017)

New features or feature enhancements

  • Masonry, Gallery, and Slideshow views now only display title by default, enabling quick, visually clean exhibit builds for image based-content. All views, including list view, are still configurable by the exhibit builder to display the metadata fields that are desired for each exhibit.
  • Added the ability to select a page from a multi-page object for the default image view, when embedding SDR items in a pageAdded the ability to view the index status of individual items in an exhibit by autocompleting for druid (applies to exhibits with > 10 item druids). Go to Dashboard > Curation > Items > Add Items > Items Status > Object druids, or Collection druids.
  • Changed configuration of the Mirador viewer to have the side panel close by default (for exhibits with Mirador as the selected viewer)
  • User friendly text is now provided in the confirmation email sent to new exhibit builders
  • Added a Slack notification for the Spotlight at Stanford service team when an Exhibit's publish stage changes
  • Text of View all metadata link (for metadata modal available on record view page) changed to More details
  • Added an Expand all link to nested related items in the full metadata display
  • Added a date range facet
  • Added a Place Created field and facet Added a Repository field and facet

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the addition of items to exhibits that have large numbers of items already (specifically Stanford Band & Stanford Photos)
  • Fixed a bug where newly created exhibit admins and curators were not receiving invitations, inhibiting their ability to access their exhibit(s) from the Your exhibits tab

1.2 - 1.10 Summary (1.10 released 27 November 2017)

New features or feature enhancements

  • Created a clickable, pop-out window to display all available metadata on the item record view page. Metadata is downloadable from the pop-out window; nested metadata, when available, can be toggled for display; access condition statements also display.
  • Enabled comparison of images when Mirador is selected as the viewer for an exhibit. Mirador integration in exhibits configured to maximize numerous features, including: ability to add IIIF manifest URL, so that images can easily be compared from other IIIF-enabled repositories outside of Stanford; enabled IIIF drag-and-drop for image objects in the Stanford Digital Repository; enabled full screen viewing and sidebar show/hide; enabled multi-page navigation via dropdown menu; if pages have annotations, they are available for viewing.
  • Exhibit content that has a Zotero bibliography may be available for upload to your exhibit - please check with the Spotlight at Stanford service team for more information

Bug fixes

  • Map marker zoom bug fixed - for all exhibits with geolocation data enabled
  • Prevented an error from occurring when an exhibit curator changes the name of a browse category or feature page
  • Improved display of exhibits on mobile devices
  • Changed truncation of exhibit descriptions on reverse side of exhibit tile, which was causing spaces to occur in the middle of words
  • Enabled deletion of exhibit users from the exhibit builder dashboard

1.1.0 Summary (Released 4 October 2017)

New features or feature enhancements

  • The viewer has now been resized to afford an improved exhibit viewing experience, and the viewer has been enabled so that it can now expand to your full screen. For exhibits than contain image content only, exhibit creators have the ability to select Mirador as a viewer for item level view. Using Mirador as a viewing environment affords the following advantages: viewing flexibility, including the ability to rotate images, adjust brightness and contrast, and more.
  • For exhibit creators, to enable Mirador for your exhibit please go to Dashboard > Configuration > Viewers > select Mirador. Please note: do not select Mirador as your viewer if your exhibit has audio and/or video content, as that content will not display.
  • Parker-specific features have been enabled with this new release, visible to all exhibit creators. This includes: a Bibliography option in the Dashboard > Curation > Items > Add Items window; a Parker option in the Dashboard > Configuration > Appearance window. Please do not select these Parker items for your exhibit. In future releases, these features will be removed from view, except when they are needed for a specific exhibit. We definitely hope to leverage this Parker-specific work to be more broadly applicable to the exhibits that would benefit from these features.

17 July 2017

New features or feature enhancements

  • For exhibits than contain image content only, added the ability to select Mirador as a viewer for item level view. Currently, using Mirador as a viewing environment affords the following advantages: faster image load, viewing flexibility, including the ability to rotate images, adjust brightness and contrast, and more.
  • Please note, 1: do not select Mirador as your viewer if your exhibit has audio and/or video content, as that content will not display.
  • Please note, 2: this feature implements the Mirador viewer as a option for viewing images in an exhibit, but not the ability to compare images side-by-side.
  • The top and bottom banner of has been changed to display Stanford Libraries – to conform to the re-theming initiative announced by Stanford Libraries in Spring 2017

14 February 2017

IIIF integration

  • The integration improved image performance in multiple areas across the Spotlight application
  • Images that you upload to your exhibit are now representable via IIIF. This means images can now be used in external viewers outside each exhibit, such as Mirador.
  • The integration includes a new IIIF-based cropping tool, which provides more reliable performance for cropping and saving exhibit mastheads and browse/feature tiles

Map feature support

  • Exhibit items containing correctly encoded geo metadata can be displayed on a map
  • Map displays on the item record viewSearch results (including browse categories) are aggregated on a single mapUser-facing documentation was added, summarizing how to enable map view in your exhibit

Other improvements and fixes

  • Exhibit documentation and Request an exhibit links are now available on the main page to any user with a SUNet ID/login (all documentation moved to this exhibit in September 2018; Request an exhibit remains at the link provided)
  • Boolean searching is now supported in simple search
  • Made general improvements to the reindexing process, including display of up to five of your most recent reindexing jobs on your exhibit dashboard
  • Quote widget was styled to make the quotation more visually distinct
  • Spam reduction measures were implemented, significantly reducing spam email received by exhibit curators
  • List widget now saves and displays
  • Your Home and About pages can now be added using the feature pages widget
  • Browse category descriptions can now be marked up with markdown styling
  • Display is improved for short browse category descriptions (under 600 characters)
  • Browse category query parameters can now be updated using the Save this search button
  • Metadata identifiers are now displayed; particularly useful for object identifiers in archival collections
  • UTF8 characters are now allowed in spreadsheet upload, unblocking image upload for these items