IIIF Introduction

As the use of IIIF becomes more widespread, it is important to showcase the ability of various platforms to consume and display IIIF resources. The purpose of this IIIF page (and also IIIF in Spotlight FAQs) is to present best practices for including IIIF resources from any repository in the world in your next Spotlight at Stanford exhibit.

What is IIIF?

IIIF is an acronym that stands for the International Image Interoperability Framework.

IIIF is a set of open standards that allows libraries, archives, museums and other organizations to share their digital collections with multiple institutions for the benefit of scholars around the world.

It is important to note that the use of IIIF open standards means that different IIIF resources from different institutions may interact in not-necessarily-uniform ways with different presentation and annotation tools and platforms.

More information

Stanford Libraries is a founding member of the IIIF community. For more information about IIIF, please refer to iiif.io, where you will find information about the community, FAQs, demos, events and technical information such as https://github.com/IIIF/awesome-iiif.

Adding IIIF content to an exhibit

We recommend the following approach:

  • Thoroughly read the IIIF in Spotlight FAQs page.
  • Before planning an exhibit that relies upon IIIF content, ask us to create a test exhibit for you (exhibits-feedback@lists.stanford.edu). This way, you can make sure the host institution's content configurations will work for you within the Spotlight context.
Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Fresno, Fresno County, California.
Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Fresno, Fresno County, California.

See a IIIF resource in an exhibit

This is a IIIF resource from the Library of Congress, featured in the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps exhibit. Please click here to see this item in the context of the Sanborn exhibit, where you will also see the metadata that has been provided by the host institution. The item displays in Stanford's Mirador 3-enabled viewer, which is used by Spotlight, PURL pages, and SearchWorks.