4: Marketing Your Exhibit

Below are some ideas for promoting your exhibit at Stanford and amongst the global community of exhibit viewers and scholars, thereby furthering research and citation of the collections of Stanford Libraries and partner content.

Publish an announcement

If you are affiliated with Stanford Libraries, publish a blog post on the Libraries’ website. Special Collections staff may optionally publish through Special Collections Unbound. All other creators should publish through the Digital Library Blog. Please add the topic Spotlight and any other appropriate topics for your specific content.

No matter your affiliation, please include the following information in your announcement/post (just copy and paste!):

This exhibit was created using Spotlight at Stanford, a layer of services that integrates with Stanford Libraries' discovery, access, and preservation infrastructure. Spotlight at Stanford is available for use by members of the Stanford community who wish to enhance user engagement with their digital materials. If you are interested in learning more about Spotlight at Stanford, please contact the service team.

Share the announcement

Share your announcement with relevant Stanford departmental lists and topical listservs. This can be an excerpt or teaser from your announcement/post or the entire announcement if appropriate.

Promote the exhibit through social media

Use your department social media accounts to publicize the exhibit, and/or coordinate with Gabrielle Karampelas, Director of Communications at Stanford Libraries, to feature the exhibit on the Libraries’ Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Consult Stanford’s social media guidelines for creative and efficient use of social media in line with Stanford policy.

Feature the exhibit on your departmental homepage

If you are affiliated with Stanford Libraries, request a feature on the library homepage. To do this, assemble the following information and email it to the Online Experience Group:

  • An appropriate image, 375 pixels wide by 275 pixels high
  • Text to appear below the image, not to exceed 20 words
  • The link the image should point to; this should be the URL for your exhibit

Highlight the exhibit through campus digital signage

If you are affiliated with Stanford Libraries, create a Powerpoint slide featuring your exhibit and send it to Kelly Fields, to be included on the digital signage at Green Library. Optionally, depending on content, also send the slide to Branner Library or the Engineering Library:

  • This slide can be very similar to the website feature described above
  • Try using one large image that takes up the entire slide
  • Overlay a brief statement about the exhibit
  • Overlay the URL

Consider other online forums at Stanford and beyond where it makes sense to create pointers to the exhibit

Exhibit creators should consider links from departmental web pages, research group pages, or project pages.

Promote the exhibit through interviews and press releases

Consider ways in which you can highlight the exhibit in interviews, press releases, and other announcements, whether the exhibit is standalone, or created in parallel with or support of a physical exhibit.