About Digitization Exemplars

While the idea to create Digitization Exemplars had been in discussion a number of years, this site was ultimately sparked during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. Because our usual digitization and related project work and level of production were so radically disrupted, forcing us to identify tasks that could easily -- and enjoyably -- be done at home, we got creative. What project can we do that we wouldn’t normally have the time for? What can we start to work on that can be easily paused as necessary and picked back up when time allows? What could effectively engage all three arms of DLSS Digitization Services to contribute to a collective effort of benefit to our colleagues? Exemplars ticked all the boxes.

A terrific team of folks developed this content on and off over a period of two years before its first release in January 2023. Going forward, we are committed to:

  • Adding the latest exemplary samples of our output
  • Maintaining the supporting information about our work processes and content viewers as they evolve
  • Enhancing the site to ensure it is as informative, comprehensive, and engaging as possible
  • Responding to your questions, comments, and suggestions.


Kudos and sincere appreciation to everyone who played a part in the planning and production of Exemplars:

Michael Angeletti, Jen Diaz, Kylee Diedrich, Hannah Frost, Chris Hacker, Dinah Handel, Kabir Hermon, Celeste Huang-Menders, Michele Mobley, Quyen-Anh Laura Nguyen, Michael Olson, Annie Schweikert, Tati Scutelnic, Astrid Smith, Abigail Watson, Geoff Willard, and Justine Xi.

Special thanks to: Cathy Aster, Nathan Coy, and Kat Dimitruk.