About & Acknowledgments

This exhibition is the culmination of a partnership between RJ Andrews, a data storyteller based in San Francisco, and the David Rumsey Map Center. RJ weaves stories together by creating beautiful graphics that are informed by science and presented using effective design. RJ is no stranger to the Center. He has spoken before at the Center on Charles Joseph Minard’s maps and charts and most recently on his 2019 book Info We Trust: How to Inspire the World with Data. The exhibition makes extensive use of the Center’s collections, which can be viewed in high resolution using the links throughout the digital exhibition. We anticipate opening a physical exhibition in the future, once circumstances change to make it possible.

We thank RJ Andrews for partnering with us. In addition, we would like to thank David Rumsey both for his meticulous work on collecting of data visualization items and his curation of them under the data visualization facet. David, as always has lent his expertise in selecting items that would inform the make-up of the resulting exhibition--something that comes from his collecting and cataloging of the items over many decades. Thanks also to him for expeditiously providing us with new images that are part of the exhibit. The center continues to be indebted to David and Abby Smith Rumsey for their continued support of the Center’s collections, staffing and programming.

Thanks to Meagan Trott, Robert Rohrbacher, and Brynn Kramer for their help in bringing items into the Stanford Digital Repository to create the digital exhibition.

Stay tuned through our newsletters as to our future programming and resources including a video of the exhibition opening on September 25, 2020.