This collection includes research data from Stanford-associated researchers and scientists on the wide variety of topics and fields under investigation at Stanford University, including statistics, engineering, biology, chemistry, social sciences, medicine, physics, geosciences, and the environment. Data sets in this collection are in many different formats, and each is presented with descriptive information that identifies the people and organizations responsible for its creation, related publications, and other relevant information. The collection was created to support the preservation of the research output of the University and to enable data sharing and re-use. Read more about the data in this collection in the following Data Stories: Better Processes for Better Chips, Corn and Climate Change, Disputed Boundaries, Facilitating Reproducibility, Liquid Explosions, Making Connections in the Brain, Slave Markets of Rio de Janeiro, Visualizing History in Rio de Janeiro, Optimizing Wind Farms, Rocks and Sustainable Energy, Tunable Properties of Graphene, and Crocodile Constraints.