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The Stanford Open Policing Project is policing data from U.S. State and local police departments. This data was collected over time, starting in 2014 through the process of public records requests. The data have been cleaned and standardized by the research team. Currently there are 31 states included in the collections. The Stanford Open Policing Project plans to include future updates to the data. The team of researchers at Stanford who worked on the project include Cheryl Phillips, Stanford Professor of Computational Journalism; Sharad Goel, Stanford Professor in the Department of Management Science & Engineering; Vignesh Ramachandran, Stanford Journalism Program Administrator; and the graduate students; Emma Pierson; Camelia Simoiu; Jan Overgoor; and Sam Corbett-Davies.

Of the 31 states that provided the data requested, 20 states provided highly detailed data. Standardizing the data was an important step that allows researcher to start looking at state-by-state comparisons. There are over 1 million records in the data. For information about using the data, please go to the Stanford Open Policing Project website.

Read more about the data in this collection in the following Data Story: The Stanford Open Policing Project.

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