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South West Pacific. Anchorages in Goodenough and Sariba Islands
[2 maps on 1 sheet:] Gallipoli [and] Lipari [Italy]
[Charella / Stomboli, Italy]
Australia : Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reefs. Sheet 2, Showing the Inner and Outer routes to Torres Strait
Joint maps of the international boundary between United States and Canada : from the source of the St. Croix River to the Atlantic Ocean
Approach to West Coast of Gazelle Peninsula
Plans in the south-eastern part of New Guinea
Vaarwaters en Ankerplaatsen op de Zuidkust van Flores
Map of California compiled from latest official & authentic information, by the Southern Pacific Company. (verso) Map of California with a brief description of its resources, attractions, topography, climate, etc. Published by the Passenger Department, Southern Pacific Company ... San Francisco, Cal. 8th. edn. (1901)
[USAF Loran charts; series LN, LS, LRC]
Africa 1:2,000,000
Greenland 1:250,000
Asia _ China, Gulf of Pechili (Pohai) : Pei Ho or Peking (Peiping) River. Sheet 3, From Tientsin to Tungchow
Pilot Chart of the North Atlantic Ocean
Philippine Islands : Sibuyan and Romblon Islands
[Gulf of Finland, 12 x 23 cm--Ladoga, 11 x 9 cm--Cronstadt, 11 x 14 cm]
Isola d'Oleron, nelle piaggie occidentali della Francia, Dedicata Dal P
            Maestro Coronelli, coscmografo et Lettore Publico all Illustrisimo, et Eccellentissimo
            Sig. Polo Dona… (with) Isola del Re Nel Mare di Guascogna... (to accompany) Isolario
            descrittione geografico-historica, sacro-profana, antico-moderna ... e in supplimento
            dei XIV volumi del Bleau. Tomo II dell' Atlante veneto. Opera, e Studio del P
            Maestro Vincenzo Coronelli ... A Spese dell Auttore MDCLXXXXVI.