The maps digitization and geographic information systems (GIS) teams at Stanford University Libraries are connected through the great privilege of seeing and touching beautiful maps each and every day, and we are excited to share in the adventure of losing yourself in the details of these cartographic wonders.

Below you will find an introduction to our exhibit that will guide you through the many pages found within:

The magic of maps is that they hold tokens of treasure for everyone, whether you're a history buff, graphic designer, geology nerd, artist, gamer, or anyone else in between. A key component of this exhibit is our Browse categories, where we have gathered many maps based on a granular set of symbologies, or elements, found within them.

This is a space to simply browse through digitized paper maps; with several individuals contributing to this process, our hope is that these many perspectives will highlight new or unique details within the maps.

Each individual that helped build this exhibit also created Curated Features pages in which they have highlighted concepts or themes of interest to them found within these maps. To read about these and the people behind our maps digitization and GIS teams, drop down the Curated Features menu found at the top of this exhibit.

For your support in our efforts to collect, digitize, and champion historic maps, we wanted to give you something in return. In the Curated Features drop down menu, you will find a page for Cartographic Extractions in which we have carefully extracted standout elements from many maps, converted them to a variety of file types, and made them available for download.

Please note that we have not extracted features from every map found in the Browse categories, and you can find the available extractions through this feature page only.