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The Burke Collection of Early Italian Miniatures

Calling of Saints Peter and Andrew.

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Calling of Saints Peter and Andrew.
Giovanni Decio
Giovanni Decio (Milan, 1480). Calling of Saints Peter and Andrew (175 x 235 mm) in an initial D. The first of a family of painters that included his son Giacomo and later Giovanni Antonio Decio. The illumination opens the section of a Choirbook beginning with the vigil of the feast of Saint Andrew (November 30). The banner “Venite post me” begins the Biblical passage: “Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”. This is one of the rare manuscript paintings that is signed and dated “1480, IOAN[ES] DE DEXI [O] F [ECIT].
Date & Place of Origin:
Milan, 1480
Stanford University. Libraries. Department of Special Collections and University Archives
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