The Barry Lawrence Ruderman Conferences on Cartography, hosted at Stanford's David Rumsey Map Center, are made possible by the generous support of Barry Lawrence Ruderman. Ruderman is a map and atlas dealer based in La Jolla, California, and one of the Founding Friends of the David Rumsey Map Center at Stanford. His website,, is one of the oldest and largest for the sale of antique maps and atlases. Since 2009, Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps Inc. has contributed thousands of digital map images to be placed in the Stanford Digital Repository. We currently have 23,733 maps which can be searched, viewed and downloaded through Stanford's catalog as part of the Barry Lawrence Ruderman Collection; the collection was unveiled at the start of the 2017 conference. Barry supports the conferences' unique take on rare maps and atlases as objects of scholarly study and spatial thinking within the larger context of interdisciplinary work done at Stanford and elsewhere. As always, we remain grateful to David Rumsey and Abby Smith Rumsey for their continued support of the Center and its programs.