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An overview of KRL, a Knowledge Representation Language
BAOBAB, a parser for a rule-based system using a semantic grammar
Inference rules for program annotation
The evolution of programs: a system for automatic program modification
Operational reasoning and denotational semantics
Towards a semantic theory of dynamic binding
A hypothetical dialogue exhibiting a knowledge base for a program-understanding system
Interactive generation of object models with a manipulator
Monte Carlo simulation of tolerancing in discrete parts manufacturing and assembly
Automatic program verification V: verification-oriented proof rules for arrays, records and pointers
The convergence of functions to fixedpoints of recursive definitions
A deductive approach to program synthesis
A new approach to recursive programs
ARPA Contractors Meeting: San Diego, March 12-14, 1975. - STANFORD ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE LABORATORY 1974 ARPA Project Summary
Artificial Intelligence and the Stanford A.I. Lab
Molecular Memories and Determinants of the Utility of Large Memories
Proposal to The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for a Network-Based Graphical Design System
Some Philosophical Problems from the Standpoint of Artificial Intelligence
Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) - Proposal to NSF
to the campus newspaper, commenting on recent speech of Stanford President
The Role of Raw Power in Intelligence
AL users' manual
NAVISTAR. Parts 1-2