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From Women's Suffrage marches to Black Lives Matter protests, anti-war demonstrations to fossil fuel divestment rallies, Stanford University students have a long history of activism, both on the Stanford campus and beyond. Since Stanford University's inception, students have organized protests, written letters and signed petitions, and held sit-ins and rallies to create a more equitable university community, and a more just society and world.

This exhibit highlights the activist work of Stanford students, and includes an interactive map and a timeline of activism and student protest movements. The items within the exhibit are far-reaching, from photographs and posters of demonstrations and campus community center events, and audio and video recordings (including oral histories) with participants, to documentation of the Stanford administration's response to student protests.

To find items in the exhibit, please browse by format, as shown below, browse by group or event, or search the exhibit using keywords, titles, and other descriptive information.

Protest against Western Civilization requirement, Stanford University
Student demonstrations
Student demonstrations
Student demonstrations
Student demonstrations
Student demonstrations
Student demonstrations


Includes 5600+ photographs documenting student demonstrations, sit-ins and protests dating back to the 1960s.

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Lyman Lecture: [Lyman lecture]
Rhode (Deborah L. ) Lecture: [lecture] Betty Friedan
Lyman Lecture: Historical Construction of Homosexuality
Bond, Julian: On Martin Luther King, Jr
Student Activism-Don Kennedy, Bob Beyers
Stanford University, Class of 1970, panel discussion of the Vietnam years, 1985 Oct 13

Audio recordings

Includes 1400+ audio recordings documenting student demonstrations, civil rights interviews, and panel discussions at Stanford.

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Stanford Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Awareness Days
Grape Strike Rally
Black people just commit more crime - said at SLS. Racism Lives Here Too, 2018
SFO Travel Ban Protest poster
Women's Community Center Of Course I'm A Feminist sticker
Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Community Center


Publications, transcripts, posters, and other materials documenting student activism.

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Anti-War Protest, Iraq
Coretta Scott King : Lecture and discussion
Protest against Gov. Schwarzenegger, Memorial Auditorium
Gays and Lesbians in the residences
Hunger Strike, Gordon Earle Reaction

Video recordings

Video recordings documenting protests, political speeches, and other activism on campus.

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