South Africa, Greece and Rome

This project has grown out of a book by the same name: South Africa, Greece, Rome: classical confrontations (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017) []. The aim of both is to bring together instances of South Africa's engagements with ancient Greece and Rome. With the current database we hope to expand the scope of the collection, and to make it possible to add further contributions in the future.

It has been put together by Anja Krieger, with the support of CESTA and SUL. We would like to thank Cathy Aster, Benjamin Albritton and Arcadia Falcone from SUL and the Spotlight at Stanford development team for their help in making this process possible.

Potential contributors are encouraged to contact either Samantha Masters or Grant Parker.

Institutional Sponsors

Iziko Museums of South Africa

Department of Ancient Studies, University of Stellenbosch