Rare Books

A digital library of reference works

This is a collection of over 100 rare book catalogs and bibliographies with additional resources for scholars, collectors, and booksellers. Previously a subscription service at Rarebooks.info, Stanford Libraries has brought the materials into catalog and makes this rich resource publicly available.

Automobility Archive

Connecting the past, present and future of the automobile through the Road & Track collection

This exhibit showcases Stanford University materials related to the history and future of the automobile, currently drawn from the Road and Track Archive, held at Stanford University Libraries.

Women @ Stanford

Exhibit documenting the history of women at Stanford.

Silicon Genesis

Oral Histories of Semiconductor Technology

Welcome to Silicon Genesis, a unique collection of oral history interviews with pioneers of the semiconductor industry. You will find streamed video recordings of these interviews, along with transcripts, here.

!Women Art Revolution

Voices of a Movement

The artists’ and critics’ interviews presented here chronicle the founding years of the feminist art movement in the 1970s. Created by artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson as she developed her groundbreaking documentary, !Women Art Revolution, this archive provides the first-person histories of the pioneering individuals who challenged the ways in which women were considered by the reigning art establishment.

Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky Papers

SLAC Director and Professor Emeritus

Highlights from the Wolfgang Kurt Hermann Panofsky Papers, 1932-2008 at the Archives, History and Records Office of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

Becoming Stanford

The History and Meaning of Stanford's Insignia

This exhibit explores the historical elements underlying the design and adoption of Stanford's symbols. Most prominently featured are Stanford's coats of arms and other heraldic symbols; the Stanford Seal, which includes the German motto “Die Luft der Freiheit weht;” and the Palo Alto tree ("El Palo Alto").

Maps of Africa: An Online Exhibit

A digital collection of African Maps at the Stanford University Libraries

The Maps of Africa at Stanford Libraries is a growing collection buoyed significantly by the acquisitions of the Dr. Oscar I. Norwich and Caroline Batchelor Collections. The maps featured here are a subset of the maps that are available.

Beautiful Books

A collection of some of Stanford’s rare and antiquarian books

These items are part of Special Collections' efforts to digitize and make more accessible books with unique or noteworthy features.

Sunset Magazine

A recreation of Stanford Libraries' 1998 website

This site is the recreated website version of “Sunset Magazine: 1889 -1998,” a volume published on the one-hundredth anniversary of the magazine by Stanford University Libraries.

South Africa, Greece, Rome: a digital museum

This project has grown out of a book by the same name: South Africa, Greece, Rome: classical confrontations (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017). The aim of both is to bring together instances of South Africa's engagements with ancient Greece and Rome.

Stanford University Piano Roll Archive


The Piano Roll Archive presents Stanford Libraries' historic piano roll collection in digital form. The archive includes archival digital images and audio file emulations of the performances providing one possible interpretation of the coding on the rolls.

Douglas Menuez Photography Collection

At the Stanford Libraries

The Douglas Menuez Photography Collection contains a sample of images from the complete archive of award-winning documentary photographer Douglas Menuez. The archive includes Menuez's editorial photojournalism and fine art documentary work as well his commercial projects. Included in the archive are more than 250,000 photographs documenting the rise of Silicon Valley.

Exhibits Documentation

A guide to building Spotlight at Stanford exhibits

Documentation and examples to support building Spotlight at Stanford exhibits. Describes how to create feature and about pages, browse category pages, and illustrates the use of the different standard and exhibit item widgets that are available. Additional information is provided via FAQ and Spotlight Community pages.

Mario Paci: An Italian Maestro in China

Conductor, composer, and pianist, Mario Paci (1878-1946) is best known today for transforming the Shanghai Town Band into one of the finest orchestras in East Asia, the Shanghai Municipal Orchestra, now called the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. 作为指挥家,作曲家,钢琴家,梅百器(1878–1946) 今天最为人所知的业迹, 就是将一个上海城镇乐队变为东亚地区最优秀的管弦乐团之一的上海 工部局乐团,也就是后来的上海交响乐团

Secret Service: Old and Young King Brady, Detectives

A Dime Novel Series

This collection of Dime Novels provides scholars the complete text of a selective sample from one of Stanford Libraries collection's series, Secret Service.

The Baltic Video Archive

Baltic video testimonies at Stanford Libraries

This exhibit sheds light on the history of the three Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, by sharing video testimonies of the Baltic people. The testimonies touch on the Second World War in the Baltic region, the Nazi and Soviet occupations and repressions as well as the story of the Baltic refugees. The exhibit also showcases stories told by the more recent generation, the "digital nomads," who have migrated to Silicon Valley. The testimonies in this exhibit thus reflect on the past, present, and the future of the Baltic states.

Preventing Genocide

Pioneers in the prevention of mass violence

Genocide need not happen ever again. This documentary explores three different genocides -- the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, and the more recent Rwandan genocide --to show that we can learn the warning signals often preceding genocide, and see the possibilities for intervention and prevention.

The 1947 Partition Archive

Survivors and their Memories

On August 15, 1947 British colonial rule in the Indian subcontinent ended and the region was divided into a Hindu majority India and a Muslim majority Pakistan. Following this great Partition where approximately 14 million people found themselves on the wrong side of the newly formed borders, one of the largest mass migrations in human history occurred. It is estimated that more than 1 million people lost their lives in the ensuing violence. This exhibit contains video interviews from survivors of Partition.

A Stanford Atlas

Architectural drawings, maps, prints, and aerial photographs of the Stanford University campus and associated land holdings

This exhibit showcases the growth of campus using illustrative materials from several University Archives collections, including the Maps Collection, the Architectural Drawings Collection, the Hanna House Collection, the Prints Collection, the Birge M. Clark Architectural Drawings, Peninsua-Times Tribune Photographs, Hatfield Aerial Survey Photographs, and the Stanford Historical Photograph Collection.

Barry Lawrence Ruderman Conference on Cartography

Gender, Sexuality and Cartography

The Barry Lawrence Ruderman Conference on Cartography occurs every other year, and began in 2017. The conference speakers curate a physical exhibit on view at the Center. This website is a digital companion to that exhibit.

Herbert Matter: Modernist Photography and Graphic Design

A Stanford University Special Collections Exhibition

A digital exhibit celebrating the work of Herbert Matter (1907–1984), best known for his international contributions in photography, photomontage and graphic design.

Early Printed Leaves

From the First Years of the Printing Press

This exhibition shows a selection of leaves from early printed books. Among the treasures of this collection are woodcuts and texts from incunabula and other works which were copied during the birth of printing.

Recording Civic Action in China

Chinese NGO web archiving project

This is a transnational and openly-accessible repository of Chinese nonprofit organizations. It brings together the online presence and publications of nonprofits in China, including their websites, blogs, and weibos, in order to explore how NGOs utilize digital tools and practices for public goods in a country that is going through rapid changes.

Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Manuscripts at Stanford

Resources for Research and Pedagogy

The home for Stanford's digital manuscript collections and exhibits.

Views: Portraying Place and Space

2nd Exhibit from the David Rumsey Map Center, January 22 - August 31, 2017

This is the second exhibit on view at the Rumsey Map Center, focused on Views.

Universe of Maps - Opening the David Rumsey Map Center

This website features the inaugural exhibit from the David Rumsey Map Center.

Chinese Comic Books (Lianhuanhua) at Stanford

This exhibition showcases the covers of the Lianhuanhua held at the East Asia Library to support use and studies of the collection.

The American Enlightenment

Treasures from the Stanford University Libraries

This exhibition tells the story of how New World discoveries and ideas contributed to the Enlightenment and illustrates the transatlantic debates over issues of government, science, religion, and individual rights that shaped it.

Hope, Resilience, and Change

Stanford in Moments of Crisis

This site explores how Stanford students, faculty, and leaders responded to transformative events in Stanford history, and the longer term impacts on Stanford, including physical changes to the campus, its programs, and its policies.

Stanford Publications

Publications documenting Stanford University. Included are course catalogs, directories, newsletters, magazines, and more.

Stanford Prison Experiment

August 15-21, 1971

Materials documenting the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment conducted by psychology professor Philip G. Zimbardo.

Stanford University Board of Trustees Records

Records of the Trustees pertaining to legal issues, financial affairs, investments, academic departments, student housing, gifts received, real estate, campus development, and other administrative concerns. Also included are records pertaining to the Leland Stanford Junior Kindergarten Trust and its major beneficiary, the Golden Gate Kindergarten Association, 1884-1979.

Stanford University Faculty Senate Records

Agendas, minutes and supporting materials created by the Stanford Faculty Senate.

Hopkins Marine Station

Stanford University

Hopkins Marine Station occupies an exposed rocky headland named China Point, as the site was once the location of the Point Alones Chinese fishing village. The University holds title to approximately eleven acres on and around the point which includes roughly one mile of shoreline. he chapters presented here outline a portion of the history of Stanford's seaside laboratory.

Rare Music Materials at Stanford

This site features digitized music manuscripts, letters, and other rare music materials held in the Department of Special Collections and the Music Library.

Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison

Project Gallery

Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison’s artistic collaboration began late 1960s. Pioneers of the eco-art movement; their work often involves co-collaborators such as biologists, ecologists, urban planners, and local citizens to support biodiversity and community development around the world. This exhibition showcases 35 projects documented by the Harrisons and their assistants.

California as an Island in Maps

Maps from the Glen McLaughlin Collection of California as an Island

California was depicted as an island on maps from 1622 until the middle of the 18th century and beyond. This collection is the most comprehensive known covering the maps of this cartographic curiosity.

Hanna House Collection

Correspondence, blueprints, drawings, photographs, and other records relating to the planning, design and construction of the campus home of Professor and Mrs. Paul R. Hanna. The collection focuses on the Hanna's work with architect Frank Lloyd Wright extending from the initial planning of the house through later renovations.

Warren Heckrotte Map Collection

A collection of maps and books featuring landmark maps from the California Gold Rush, exploration of the western coast of North America amongst other maps from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

Renaissance Exploration Map Collection

Maps and Atlases from the Renaissance Period

The Renaissance Exploration Map Collection is the result of one of the largest Cartographic Digital Philanthropy projects undertaken by Stanford University Libraries. This was made possible by the generosity and commitment of an area collector who lent us the collection under our Cartographic Digital Philanthropy Program thus creating a large corpus of Cartographic Renaissance materials available for anyone to search, view and download at very high resolution.

Eadweard Muybridge Collection

Combined holdings of Muybridge material held in Special Collections and University Archives.

The Edward A. Feigenbaum Papers

Work in artificial intelligence and computer science at Stanford University

The Edward A. Feigenbaum Papers collection primarily concerns his work in artificial intelligence at Stanford University and includes administrative files, correspondence, project files, trip files, proposals, reports, reprints, Artificial Intelligence Lab memos, audio tapes, video tapes, and files on computer programs, including EPAM, DENDRAL, MOLGEN, MYCIN, and others.

Stanford Stories From the Archives

This exhibit showcases 125 years of Stanford Stories, illustrated using materials from the Stanford University Archives.

Opening Night!

Opera & Oratorio Premieres

This site is a cross-index of data for over 43,000 opera and oratorio premieres that received a public performance between the years 1589 and the present.

Coordinates: Maps and Art Exploring Shared Terrain

Featuring how maps and art overlap in explorations of space - both geographical and metaphorical - this exhibition took place at Stanford's David Rumsey Map Center from April 25th to September 30th, 2019, and was co-curated by Emily Prince and David Rumsey.

Incomparable: The Stanford Band

An exhibit documenting the history of the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band and Dollies. Included are photographs taken by long-time Band photographer Robby Beyers.

Computer Science @ Stanford

Exhibit featuring faculty papers, administrative records, publications, photographs, and audio and video recordings documenting the history of computer science at Stanford.