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The 1947 Partition Archive Survivors and their Memories

Oral history with Ali Shan, 2011 August 21.
Oral history with Ali Shan, 2011 August 21.
Shan, Ali, 1941-, Bhalla, Guneeta Singh, and Khan, Yasser
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Shan, Ali, 1941-, Shan, Ali, 1941-, Bhalla, Guneeta Singh, Bhalla, Guneeta Singh, and Khan, Yasser
Mr. Ali Shan was six at the time of Partition. He had never heard of India or Pakistan. He shared the harrowing tale of that fateful day in 1947 that completely changed his life. When a mob attacked his village in District Ludhiana he watched his family and most of the people in his village get murdered. The gunman shot at him several times but missed each time. He survived and got the courage to run. As fate would have it, a mobster saved him and took him along. They walked for two days, spending the night on the way and he was turned over to a family, who raised him as their own for six months. He was a Muslim being raised as a Sikh. Eventually, the Pakistani military took him to a camp in Lahore where he was all alone, a six year old orphan. His maternal uncle was searching for him and found him in the camp and raised him. Today he stresses a message of peace and tolerance among all people. It was very difficult for him to share this story but he feels it is very important that people come forward to share these stories so that this sort of thing does not happen again... so that we can learn from the past.
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Fremont (Calif.)
Fremont (Calif.), August 21, 2011
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